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The infallible key to spiritual victory and the abundant Christian life is faith expressed in total commitment to God. The church today is denied great spiritual blessings when it forgets the importance of commitment in foundational matters such as loving God with all your heart, loving your neighbor as yourself, obeying the Sermon on the Mount, and walking on the narrow road.

Written in a clear and simple style, this book is biblically based, practical, inspirational, and full of hope, especially to those who are searching for joy and victory in the Christian life. Be prepared for a life-changing challenge!

DISCUSSED IN THIS BOOK: Total commitment in biblical teaching • Commitment as the essence of faith • The kingdom of God • What does the NT teach about riches? • Blessed are the poor, or the poor in spirit? • Loving God with all your heart • Loving your neighbor as yourself • The silence on “as yourself” in the early church writings • How do we know that God is real? • Overcoming evil with good • Passive non-retaliation is not the answer • Is God a killjoy? • Taking away the key of knowledge • The work of the Spirit •  Hating one’s life in this world.

ERIC H.H. CHANG was born in Shanghai, and came to know God in post-liberation China through a series of miracles. He read Arts and Divinity at the University of London (King’s College and SOAS), and has done pastoral work in England, Canada, and Hong Kong. His publications include The Only True God and The Only Perfect Man.


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