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Table of Contents


Part One: Commitment to God

Loving God with all our Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength




1.   Commitment in Scripture

2.   Commitment is from the Heart

3.   Riches, the Root of Spiritual Dullness

4.   Poverty, Spirituality, and Lordship

5.   Commitment in Practice

6.   The Abundant Christian Life

7.   Commitment and Compassion, Good and Evil

8.   The Goodness of God

9.   Overcoming Evil with Good

10. Experiencing the Reality of God

Part Two: Commitment to One Another

Loving One Another As Ourselves

11.  Lateral Love

12.  As Yourself

13.  Who is my Neighbor?

14.  Commitment to be Led by the Spirit

15.  The Golden Rule and the Renewing of the Mind

Scripture Index


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