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Christian Disciples Church is a fellowship of churches located in various parts of the world, mainly in Asia but also in a few western countries. Our churches include the thirty or so groups listed in this website but also a few churches and Bible study groups not listed.


Christian Disciples Church has several emphases. Firstly, we promote Biblical monotheism and the proclamation of Yahweh as the only true God and Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Secondly, we uphold the Scriptural teaching of total commitment to Yahweh our God and to Jesus Christ our Lord. Thirdly, we aim to fulfill the New Testament commission of making disciples of all nations. Fourthly, we adhere unconditionally to the principle of sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) in a way that makes us conscience-bound to cast aside all our preconceived Christian notions and hallowed human traditions (even the Nicene Creed) if these are found to be out of alignment with Scriptural teaching. Fifthly, we reject the materialism and focus on money that has pervaded much of Christianity today.

We extend a hand of fellowship to like-minded people all over the world, including those whom we will never get to know in the present age. May our common faith work out for the praise and glory of Yahweh our blessed God.


Our former Statement of Faith, based on the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed of AD 381, has been replaced. For our new Statement of Faith, click here.

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This website is governed and maintained by Christian Disciples Church in Hong Kong (Mongkok, Kowloon, and Peng Chau). Its domain names and its domain registrar are also located in Hong Kong.

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