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From the back cover

From the Back Cover

The topic of salvation is so deep and wide that few Christians are able to expound it beyond familiar statements such as “We are justified by faith” or “For God so loved the world …” Biblical salvation is a vast subject, yet its full compass can be delin­eated by the three main elements of salvation as we find them in the Bible: regeneration, renewal, and perfection (Christ-likeness). Not only do these terms lend them­selves to biblically accur­ate systematization, they are concepts thoroughly rooted in the teachings of Jesus and Paul.

In this two-volume work, Eric H.H. Chang expounds the rich aspects of salvation in a style that is both homiletic and expository. The result is a presentation that is lucid and personal, yet also technical and exegetical. An undercur­rent of hope permeates this work, reflecting a pastor’s concern that all may arrive at a spiritual breakthrough in their Christian lives, by becoming new people in Christ.

ERIC H.H. CHANG was born in Shanghai, and came to know God in post-liberation China through a series of miracles. He graduated from the Bible Training Institute (Glasgow), London Bible College, and the University of London (Arts and Divinity, King’s College and SOAS). He has done pastoral work in England, Canada, and Hong Kong.

His publications include The Only True God: A Study of Biblical Monotheism and The Only Perfect Man: The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ.

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