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Christian Disciples Church LIVE

Welcome to Christian Disciples Church LIVE!

We now broadcast a live worship service every Sunday at 10 am EST (Eastern Standard Time). The service itself is officially a CDC church, the only one that is wholly online. This church is led by Pastors Bentley and Sylvia Chan, a husband and wife team.

The whole service is about one hour long. The main sermon is about 30 minutes long. The remainder will be taken up by things such as a welcome, a few songs, and a six minute presentation on a special topic. We use only English, with no translation into another language.


You can join the service via Zoom or YouTube. Simply click on the blue bands below. You don't need to copy and paste the links unless you want to. If you cannot make it for the service (e.g. you live in a different time zone), you can download an mp4 video of the service from the YouTube link about 24 hours later.


You can contact us by email at

Here are the service start times for various time zones. If you cannot find your city, look for the nearest city whose time zone you are familiar with, and apply a time correction. The information is subject to changes because time zones can vary seasonally, but we will adjust the table every week, as necessary.



Montreal, Toronto, New York City

Sunday 10 am

Los Angeles, Vancouver

Sunday 7 am

Mexico City

Sunday 9 am

Brasilia, Buenos Aires

Sunday 12 noon


Sunday 3 pm


Sunday 4 pm

Harare, Johannesburg

Sunday 5 pm

Tel Aviv, Cairo

Sunday 5 pm

Nairobi, Ankara

Sunday 6 pm

Kolkata, Mumbai

Sunday 8:30 pm


Sunday 8:45 pm

Jakarta, Surabaya, Hanoi

Sunday 10 pm

Hong Kong, Singapore

Sunday 11 pm

Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok

Sunday 11 pm


Monday 2 am


Monday 4 am



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