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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

While I am not unfamiliar with experiencing God Yahweh’s wonder throughout my life, be it at times of despair or delight, there were times when such wonders would leave an indelible mark in my memory. This would also refer to my witnessing to God’s wonders in other’s lives as I joined them in prayer in their times of special needs.

It was actually on the occasion of a very complicated and challenging issue which a dear sister was facing years ago that I joined her in prayer and subsequently witnessed the amazing over-ruling of God Yahweh on the same day. The relief, the deep gratitude and joy were so overwhelming that I burst out aloud in thanksgiving and worship.

Although this was not, by any means, the only time I had witnessed such kindness from God in others’ lives, this was rather unique as it was time sensitive and really critical such that it is still vivid in my mind’s eyes every time I think of it.

This also impressed on me the graciousness of God’s answering our prayers when two shall agree and ask, not according to one’s own selfish desire but to live in a manner pleasing to Him. Then we would certainly see His wondrous working in our everyday life!

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