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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

In general whenever I were to think of the worthiness of a person, my attention would soon focus on the person’s quality of life such as his kindness and faithfulness, then also on his abilities and achievements. Even so, I would not be inclined to think as to how, in practical ways, I would accord that worthiness to such a person.

Whereas if I were indebted to someone’s graciousness and generosity, then I would certainly wish to express my deep gratitude in action. So in this context, it seems that the worthiness of someone to me may also depend on how much I am aware of my own indebtedness. The more I feel that I am not worthy of that person’s kindness, the more I would treasure that person’s worth in my heart!

So when it comes to my indebtedness to God Yahweh’s abundant mercies in my life, I would be at a loss to know how to evaluate His worthiness to me let alone know how to express such unspeakable gratitude that is His rightful due! Yes, in practice, at the very least, I owe Him my full-hearted obedience according to how His Spirit may move in me just as taught in James 4:17, “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin”.

Then as I came to read Revelation 4 and had a very superficial glimpse of the heavenly worship portrayed there, it showed me that with every breath that I still have, I should begin to sing God Yahweh’s worthiness here and now. Pleading that, by His merciful permission, I may then be among the creation that would sing praises to God Yahweh as depicted in Revelation 5!

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