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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

During the years I lived in Montreal, the changing scenes of the four seasons had made a very deep and refreshing impression on me. Each one is unique in its own way but the quiet regrowth of the flowers and trees in the spring would always give me a renewed sense of the gentle power of life. No matter how many feet of heavy snow may have buried the ground for months, the life underneath would still spring up once the snow melts away.

While there is the beauty of snow in winter but hardly any visible signs of life in the garden, there may just be a brief visit of birds on a warm sunny day or a passing squirrel. But then everything starts to change once the snow begins to recede from view. The fast flowing downstream of the gigantic ice blocks in the St. Lawrence River is breathtaking as it shows such a tremendous force at work. Yet the tenderness of the young buds appearing on the trees and the chirping sound of various kinds of birds nearby are truly refreshing to the soul. As more flowers began to grow in the weeks that follow, more birds would be returning from their winter abode; even the groundhog would get out of its winter villa to get some fresh air and the rabbits seem to jump for joy as if they had just been set free!

The air is filled with freshness literally every day and the resurgence of all the living things just confirms the power of life that’s been granted to them by our Creator God Yahweh! What can be more fitting than to thank Him and to worship Him for these signs of resurrection as an assurance of His life granted to us through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus!

Thus by God’s mercy we can experience the resurrection both by the receiving of His eternal life through Christ as well as by rejoicing with all His creation every spring. Isn’t this the true meaning of Easter? Oh yes, how I love springtime also in other places since leaving Montreal.

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