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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

Of the 26 verses in Psalm 136, each of them mentions that Yahweh’s steadfast love endures. That amounts to half the content of this whole psalm. The amazing thing which drew my attention is, in fact, this compassion of God Yahweh. He Who is the God of gods, the Lord of lords, He didn’t look down at the pitiful state of His creatures but took them to His heart.

He kept His promises to protect, to provide and to deliver those who had a covenant relationship with Him. But He is also generously gracious to all His creatures in making the great lights in the heavens, in providing food to all flesh. Even in His seemingly harsh dealings with those who ill treated His people, He did so for the sake of drawing them to fear Him so that they may know Who He is (Isaiah 45:5-6).

Whenever I ponder on God’s steadfast love in my life, my mind would be flooded with events both current as well as of the past, but let me focus on one area for now. This has to do with my working experience in the hospitals in the past. Every day I would see the sick, the weak, the disabled, those with special needs and so on. From then I learned that it is nothing less than a miracle if I can breathe without stress, can walk without much discomfort, can eat a normal meal, can think and talk etc. So I wonder how grateful am I for the mercy and the loving kindness of God Yahweh in each and everything in my life? Now that I have faced the pandemic for about 2 years, how have I used the life which God has loaned me to please Him in the meantime? I do know that, at the very least, it is fitting for me to keep thanking Yahweh for all His unchanging love by living a life that befits someone who fears Him and worships Him.

As you ponder on this, I wish that your heart would be drawn to offer thanks and worship to God Yahweh Whose steadfast love to you endures for ever!

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