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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

Many years ago when I came across passages in the Bible on the grandeur of our Creator on high, I was quite lost as I did not know how to comprehend such a lofty concept! It is like those occasions when I watched the beautiful sunset by the waterfront in Canada; it just took my breath away and I was in awe as I was captivated by such indescribable grandeur!

Such sceneries could have left me in amazement for days, but much more than that was the reality in my having experienced the power of this same Creator in my own life. He Who created such perfect beauty in the heavens is also He Who had created a new heart in me when I was in a totally hopeless state decades ago. As He began to change me and the relationships around me, He then became the motivation for my life. That was how He became dear to me and His name began to take on a personal meaning to me.

As for my awareness of the majestic aspect of His name, it was enhanced by another experience. There was one night when I was walking on the street with my husband near our home in Canada in early winter, all of a sudden we saw the sky ahead lit up with a ray of brilliant light in fantastic colours. It was truly awe-inspiring and my husband told me that it was the Northern Lights. It was most rare that such a spectacular display of the glory and the majesty of God’s creation could be seen on a street near home! Since having encountered such a heavenly display, I could echo yet more readily with David and say to the LORD, ‘How majestic is Your name. Hallelujah!’

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