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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

With the restrictions on international travel for many of us since the pandemic, our getting together with family members in different countries has been on hold for more than one and a half years by now. Yet thankfully we can remain in touch and see each other via Skype or WhatsApp etc.

It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder because seeing each other online is just not the same as being together in person—to give each other a warm hug, to share a meal and to enjoy each other’s presence. While we are patiently longing for such an occasion to come, I do find that the present situation does help me to appreciate more what it means to be allowed into God Yahweh’s presence.

To me, even after years of having been reconciled to God, it is still mind boggling to think that I am allowed into the presence of the Perfectly Holy God! For me to be granted a hearing from the Most High God is such an indescribable privilege already, but more so to be allowed to be one of His children is the greatest thing in the whole universe. What can be more merciful to me than to be owned by Him, to be protected and provided, to be taught, corrected, disciplined, guided, etc? Seeing how David realised his tremendous blessings in God, his heart was therefore glad and his soul rejoiced. Likewise I know that it is in my gratitude to the LORD that makes me long to be closer to Him. So the joy is to be with the One I have come to know and love! For now I am allowed into His presence while here on earth but then, God willing, His presence shall be immeasurably closer and sweeter, the fullness of joy indeed!

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