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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

From young I heard about the Lord Jesus being meek and mild but never thought much about it because these two words just sound so simple. When I was working in the hospitals in the UK , I was made keenly aware of those senior nursing staff who were meek and gentle but also those who were very proud and domineering! By the time I took on more responsibility I would conduct myself in a relatively meek and mild manner. So I thought I was following in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus.

Not until one day when I was told by my closest dear family member that I had done something wrong and said an unwise thing which made me feel so bad that I felt greatly misunderstood! I tried to explain without success so I tried to explain more and more but ended up being told that I was justifying myself. Oh what an accusation I thought. Sadly I hardened my heart for two days until I was ready to rethink on this issue before the LORD, only then was His Spirit able to convict me of my wrongs!

Since then I realise that true meekness is shown in my immediate reaction within my heart to being told that I’m wrong even when I may not be aware of it or that it may not be truly wrong except from the perception of the other person. The fact of it being really wrong or not is a secondary matter whereas my reaction to hearing such a thing said to me is of the utmost importance before the LORD.

Granted that meekness can be shown in many areas of our lives, I’m sharing this only as it is the most easily overlooked aspect of true meekness from my experience. Let us keep watch lest we disregard it all too often.

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