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A sharing by James Ho for this song:

One time we went for a trip. After we parked our car at the parking lot, we chose one of the trails and started our bush walk. We reached a point where we saw a signpost: “Reflection Island – about 45 minutes’ walk”. There was not a soul in sight. But curiosity got hold of us, and so we ventured on the long and winding trail to Reflection Island. When we were at the last turn at the end of the trail, suddenly, right in front of us, was a beautiful lake. Beyond the lake was a mountain range. The lake was calm and tranquil. The surface of the lake manifested a beautiful reflection of the surroundings. The picturesque scenery captivated us and we stood there in awe, giving glory to God. It reminded us of verse John 1:18: Jesus the begotten Son of God ‘declared’ God. Jesus is the perfect image of Yahweh God, reflecting God’s glory in him. As Christians, aren’t we all supposed to reflect God’s beauty in our lives too? That awesome picturesque scenery was imprinted in my heart and inspired me to write this song “Heaven Shall Declare Your Glory”.

有一次,我和太太开车去旅行。到了景点的停车场,我们要选择一条路径开始我们的远足。我们来到一条人迹罕至的小径前,路标写着:映像岛 – 45分钟路程。虽然在这荒郊野外,只有我们两个人,但强烈的好奇心驱使着我们冒险踏进这条蜿蜒曲折的小径。在路的尽头,一个转弯之后,突然间一潭极其美丽的湖水映入我们的眼帘,对面是一片层峦叠嶂的山脉。湖面静谧得像一块光亮的镜子,将四面的风景映得清清楚楚。我们立时被这如画仙境所吸引,对神的创造惊叹不已,将荣耀归于神。


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