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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

Decades ago when I saw the film Time And Eternity made by The Moody Bible Institute, I was so amazed that the basic concept of eternity could be expressed in such a relevant way to our life. Although it showed my own ignorance in this area, it certainly helped me to appreciate God’s incredible wisdom and majesty in His creation in a much more meaningful way.

With my concept of ‘Eternity’, though very shallow it was, my heart began to appreciate this Creator and to fear Him in a way unlike before. The word ‘Immortality’ began to take on a personal meaning because I was allowed to relate to Him through the Lord Jesus (John 14:6). Just imagine what a tremendous privilege it is for me to be allowed to relate to this eternal God, the Immortal Yahweh!

Yet the greatest relevance of His immortality is His steadfastness, His unchanging principle of love in dealing with sinners whenever we choose to repent and to turn away from thoughts and actions that are displeasing to Him. Wouldn’t I be self-deceived if I should think that I could relate to this immortal God Who is holy while harbouring sinful thoughts at the same time?

It is, therefore, the greatest honour and privilege to be allowed to worship and to obey the Immortal Yahweh!

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