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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

In my early years even after I went to the UK in my late teens, I felt that there was no real meaning in life because I had no opportunity to learn the piano let alone have one! So I survived by clinging to the radio and listening to those beautiful piano music while outwardly I just got on with study and work like everyone else around me.

Although I’ve heard God’s word since young, I only began to observe the change in others’ lives around me in London. Then by God’s mercy my life began to change also but I was stuck in one area for a long time. That went on until I had to admit and was ready to deal with my murmuring and even hatred towards my father (please see under section on Testimony). Only then did I experience the merciful hand of God in setting me free from such a bondage. As I began to experience the renewing of my heart and mind by His Holy Spirit, my relationships with all my perceived enemies at home began to change, not just improve. The truth of the Beatitudes became a reality in me, extending also to others around me!

Isn’t it amazing that our God Yahweh does not shower us with a gift airlifted from heaven called “Blessing” but that He does so by moulding our hearts and the values from within! When our hearts are so conformed to the attitudes as shown in the Beatitudes, we would not only treasure such a privileged relationship with our holy God but would dare to put right all other relationships around us. God willing, we could also encourage others to put right their relationship with God and with others in their lives too. What a true lasting Blessing indeed!

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