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When I listen to the songs on the radio, I realised many of them were love songs, vividly describing the extent of one’s romantic affection for another. This inspired me to write a love song too, but this time, with our God Yahweh as the subject. There are many things that compete for our time and attention but these do not hold a candle to our God – how can mere man or temporal things ever be more important than Him? The attributes and the works of God are more worthy of praise than any earthly thing we may desire. May this song remind us that we need to strive to put aside the idols of our heart each day, so that nothing can usurp God’s place in our hearts.

Beverly Q.L. Low

Lyrics and music by Beverly Q. L. Low
Music arranged and mixed by Charis Y. H. Wong, Jessica S. E. Goh
Main Vocals by Beverly Q. L. Low
Backup vocals by Jessica S. E. Goh, Charis Y. H. Wong
Drums by Johnathan Y. H. Goh

© Copyrights Beverly Q. L. Low – All Rights Reserved

(c) 2021 Christian Disciples Church