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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

In times past, I had found the word “commitment” pretty overwhelming as it sounded so demanding that I was afraid of not being able to live up to it. Just the thought of how not to sin against God, how to love Him with all my heart, strength and mind, and how to love others as myself, etc. was really daunting already! My attitude did not change until at one time I had to say farewell to my stubborn Self because life just could not go on anymore if I were to continue in that state. So incredibly, by God’s mercy, once the old is gone I became like a helpless child not knowing how to live this new life given by His Spirit. It is apparently the secret to living when I needed to depend on His Spirit to see everything from a new perspective, including this very aspect of commitment.

Just think of a young child responding to his mother’s love by hugging her and smiling at her. Wouldn’t the mother be so happy? Surely she would never doubt whether her child is really loving her with all his heart or with only a part of his heart. When I thought of this very sweet picture of a mother and her child, I then knew what it means to love God with all my heart. Just as the mother would require the child to obey her words as he continues to grow, so would God require of me to obey His words as I started to grow spiritually. Should I disobey God at any time, how can I say that I love Him?

So let no sin come between our relationship with God and with each other. Only then we could truly love and serve others as He so wills. Then together we would be a people pleasing to Him, that others could be drawn to Him also.

(c) 2021 Christian Disciples Church