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A sharing by James Ho for this song:

Ever since I became a Christian, I have experienced God’s blessings in many ways. Time and time again, when I stumbled and fell into the snare of sin, it was Yahweh God in His mercy and grace who lifted me up and strengthened me. I took for granted that if God loves me, He would always deliver me out of trouble.

As I grow in my relationship with God, I am starting to understand that every time I succumb to sin, it grieves God’s heart precisely because He loves me. I have come to grips that love is mutual.

I not only want to be the one whom God loves, rather I long to be the one who loves God with all my heart, all my soul, and all my being. I want to live for Him and to never let Him down. This song ‘All I want’ expresses my heart’s desire in response to God’s immense love for me.




© Song copyright James C.C. Ho – All rights reserved

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