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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

While this prayer is familiar to those of us who grew up in a Christian environment, it often remains just as a religious tradition rather than a personal prayer. Yet as I pondered more on this prayer over the years, I began to realise that the Lord Jesus had set a priority in the way we are to relate to our Abba Yahweh when we turn to Him in prayer. How true it is that there is nothing more important than for my life to be lived in honour of Him Who has given me His breath! If my heart reveres Him, wouldn’t I be concerned with what concerns Him the most? If so, could I really discern His will aright and be ready to live it out today? Even as this focus is in place, the way to reach this goal is yet dependent on the condition of my inner being in relating to others; in fact, it concerns our relationship with each other in God’s family too. Besides, the main challenge the evil one would always put in our way is where we are the most vulnerable to fall into sin. But thanks be to God, for we have the solution to guard our heart against temptation just as the Lord Jesus did: to live by God’s every word!

So what a great privilege it is for each of us, and for us together, to draw close to honour and to worship our Heavenly Abba Yahweh with our life today. May His will be done in us and through us this day, amen!

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