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A sharing by Derek Ho for this song:

What would I rather be? I was successful in my own right — aced my exams, won a government scholarship, rose through the ranks to be a high-ranking official, married and fathered a child, bought property and cars. It was a comfortable lifestyle and the future looked bright.

But was I really blessed? It was hard to confront the truth that Jesus spoke about in his Sermon on the Mount. Be meek, be pure, be merciful, be peacemakers, those sounded like good aspirational goals for a morally upright life, but be poor? Mourn? Hunger and thirst? Be persecuted?

I was spiritually blind, yet thought I was seeing very well! Praise be to God for His mercy, that after many years, I finally realized the folly of pursuing a ‘Christian’ life by my own wisdom.

Blessed are they that truly see their real spiritual poverty, and yearn for God’s righteousness in their lives instead! May we be filled with the same zeal to awaken the many around us who are still asleep.

© Song copyright Derek Ho – All rights reserved. Banner photo taken by Bentley C.F. Chan.

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