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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

Whenever I think of praising God, I am really lost for words to know how to express it for the element of worship and praise in my heart is ever so shallow! So I would start by looking at God’s amazing creation and think on the book of Job 38-42 and feel a measure of awe which truly helps me to worship and to praise God even with such an elementary attempt. Then as I recall His incredible mercies in dealing with my sinful bondages and in granting me a way back to be reconciled with Him (please refer to my testimony on the website), I then began to experience more and more of His most gracious character in so many ways continuously. Given this perception I woke up to the fact that my life is truly His by right! It’s the greatest privilege on earth. So may He find me, find us all, to be His channels so that others may come to know Him likewise!

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