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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

Since I grew up in such a troubled family, that’s why I had never had any positive image of a father in my mind (please kindly refer to my testimony written under that section on this website). So it was a real challenge to me for years as I did not know how to relate to God as my Father! This relationship seemed to me more like a legal status, albeit a spiritual one, as there was hardly any warmth for Him in my heart. This was so until I observed the way my husband related to our daughter from childhood. I then began to realise that for such a relationship to be meaningful and to grow, it is necessary for each one to keep an open attitude to listen, to share and to relax together. The question for me was and still is: how willing and eager am I to listen to my Father throughout the day? I’m deeply grateful that my Father has always been so gracious to grant me the refreshing and the joy in Him while I remain open to be taught and corrected. Oh what a privilege for me to be allowed to call on my Creator God as my Father; it assures me that I belong to Him, that I’m under His protection and care because of Who He is to me!

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