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A sharing by James Ho on how this song came to be composed:

King David is known as a man after God’s heart. He expressed his longing desire to be with Yahweh in many of his psalms. And one of his psalms that inspires me to deepen my relationship with God is Psa 16:

- He loves the saints on the earth. He delights in them (Psa 16:3)

- He loves the Lord’s counsel and instructions (Psa 16:7)

- He has confidence in the Lord who is always before him Psa 16:8)

- He has the fullness of joy in the presence of God (Psa 16:11)

When David became King, he led Israel to victories over other nations. He had established Israel to be a great kingdom in his times. He should be proud and happy of his achievement. Yet, despite gaining all this power, fame and respect from Israel and other nations, he found that only in the presence of God, he has the fullness of joy. The song reminds us that there is nothing in the world that can give us the fullness of joy we experience in the presence of God.

大卫王被称为追求神的心的人。在他所写的很多诗篇中,都表达他对雅伟神的渴慕。其中一首诗篇触动我渴望与神建立更深的关系就是诗篇 16:

- 论到世上的圣民,他们又美又善,是我最喜悦的(诗篇16:3)

- 我必称颂那指教我的耶和华(诗篇16:7)

- 耶和华常在我面前,因他在我右边,我便不至摇动(诗篇 16:8)

- 在祢面前又满足的喜乐(诗篇 16:11)


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