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Different Now (Intro) – 13 July 2019

This is a song of thanksgiving. It is a story depicting my journey of how my Heavenly Father’s love and grace have changed me and my life, how He carried me through many painful years. This is a recorded gratitude of how far He has carried me from one who felt alone, betrayed, fearful and hopeless to one whose life is meaningful in His love and hope, filled with His promises. This song is a joyful testimony of Him changing the ‘story of my life’, a story which could have just been of bitterness, desolation and hopelessness to a story of His great love, joy and kindness for me. From tears to joy, from fear to courage, from selfish ambition to His purpose and dream for me, from eyes that could only see the fleeting and temporary to those that look forward to the eternal; that’s His great transformation power. I believe He gave me this song, unworthy and limited vessel that I am, not only for me alone but for you, who may be going through storms in your life at this moment, to encourage you that He will see you through your storms just as He did for me, if you anchor your life in Him for He is good and ever faithful. If someone like me, who has never been trained in music could pen this due to His enabling, you too could do wonders by His power. In Exodus 31, Abba Yahweh God, spoke to Moses that He has filled Bezalel with His Spirit in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge and has equipped him with all kinds of craftsmanship so that Bezalel together with Oholiab will be able to build the tent of meeting, the ark of testimony and all Yahweh wanted accomplished at that time. I can truly testify of His power and enabling not only through this song but many more hurdles He has enabled me to overcome. Let Him write your story. One day, you too will tell others the story He is writing in your life. All glory to Him and Him alone.

Grace Mei Chow

Lyrics and music by Grace Mei Chow
Music arranged and mixed by Charis Y.H. Wong
Sung by Jessica S.E. Goh
Backing vocalists: Charis Y.H. Wong & KLCDC Youths – Yi Hang, Ryan Wong, Chin Vern
Bass guitar by Peter C.M. Wong
Drums by Johnathan Y.H. Goh

© Copyrights Grace Mei Chow – All Rights Reserved

(c) 2021 Christian Disciples Church