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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

When responding to the great commandment as taught by the Lord Jesus, I observed that my dear husband would have no hesitation whatever. This is not because of his own bravery but that in his utter hopeless situation during his late teens, he experienced the deliverance of God Yahweh. He also witnessed literally how God’s faithful servants lived in China; there was hardly any material temptation though one’s life was very vulnerable at all times. For him it was a choice between, on the one hand, responding to God’s love in full and being ready for whatever consequences that may come, and, on the other hand, shrinking away from such a choice at heart and just live, eat, work ... and die with no lasting values at all. Would any thinking person squander one’s life for such an end? Not to mention the utter disaster in missing the greatest privilege of coming to know Who is the living creator God in the meantime! If only we knew what we might miss out in life, should we not count it an honour to respond to God with full allegiance? May The LORD grant us courage to obey Him as this is the only action that confirms allegiance to Him! !

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