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A sharing by James Ho on how this song came to be composed:

The whole world lies in the power of the evil one (1Joh 5:19). Our Lord Jesus also warned his disciples that they were living in an evil and adulterous generation (Mat 12:39). It is a chilling reminder of what kind of world we are living in. Once we become children of God, we are automatically Satan’s enemy. He will try every trick in his book to lure us to sever our relationship with Yahweh our God. So how do we fight against the power of darkness?

Jam 4:7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (8) Draw near to God and He will draw near to you …

Here we are given the key to overcome the devil. When we deepen our relationship with ABBA Yahweh and draw near to Him, we will foil Satan’s attack. The more we love God, the more power we will have to overcome the evil one.

We knew a couple. The husband was once a fervent Christian. For some reason, he had some bad experiences in his church and subsequently they both left their church. The husband harbored so much bitterness in his heart that eventually, he lost his faith and became an atheist. Later, his wife came to our church and her faith was rekindled. But she didn’t receive support from her husband. One evening, I received a call from this sister seeking prayer support. Her husband kept challenging her faith ever since she started coming to our church. She was under so much stress that she feared she couldn’t hold on to her faith any longer. They were about to have a marriage break-up.

It was that evening God inspired me to write this song ‘I can’t stop from loving You’. She was encouraged by the song and refocused her eyes upon Yahweh. So don’t be afraid when we are facing an uphill battle against the evil one. Turn to Yahweh our God, draw near to Him wholeheartedly in love. And Satan will flee away.

全世界都卧在那恶者手下(约一 5:19)。当时主耶稣也提醒他的门徒他们活在一 个邪恶和淫乱的时代 (马太 12:39)。与昔日的光景相比,现今的时代更败坏,真 的使是我们心寒。

当我们成为神的儿女,立时也成为撒旦的仇敌。他会用尽其力威胁、诱惑好使我们 与神的关系破裂。那我们应当怎样抵挡这黑暗的权势呢?

雅 4:7 所以,你们要顺服神;要抗拒魔鬼,魔鬼就会逃避。(8)你们亲近神,神 就必亲近你们。。。

战胜魔鬼的秘诀:就是要顺服神和亲近祂。那就是说,当我们与雅伟父神的关系越 进深的时候,就会粉碎撒旦的攻击。我们越爱神,我们克服恶者的能力就越大。

我们认识一对夫妇。丈夫曾经是一个很热心的基督徒。基于某些原因,他在他的教 会遇到难忘和负面的经历,后来他们都离开了教会。丈夫仍然抱怨和怀恨在心。最 终,他离开真道成为一个无神论者。后来,他的妻子来到我们的教会,感谢神点燃 她的心,她重新热心的在教会服侍。可惜,她并没有得到丈夫的支持。一天晚上, 我收到她的电话,恳求我们为她祷告。自从她开始来我们的教会并参与侍奉后,她 的丈夫不断的挑战她的信仰,挖苦她,使她的心灵受到很大的压力,她恐怕再不能 坚持她的信念。他们的婚姻已经面临破裂。

当天晚上,神启发我写了这首诗歌‘我永永远远的深爱你’是来鼓励这位姐妹不要 灰心。也借着这诗歌,她得到鼓励并坚定对神的信心。弟兄姐妹们,当遇到撒旦的 攻击,不要灰心丧胆。我们更加要亲近雅伟,更加表明我们对神的爱,那撒旦就会 逃避,神会赐能力使我们得胜。

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