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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be written and composed:

From a few years earlier when my husband began anew to ponder on the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, as a perfect man and not as God, and on his relationship with his God and father Yahweh, I was naturally drawn to rethink on every aspect of the life of Christ too. Having searched prayerfully through the Scriptures and confirming the same with so many of our joint as well as individual experiences for the past decades, I became deeply amazed at who Jesus was in a totally refreshing and invigorating light. So I began to jot down notes along the way, and in time these notes evolved into the lyrics of this song, each stanza expressing a specific aspect of that beautiful life of Christ which fully reflects the beauty and the likeness of The LORD God Yahweh! As such his life has since become a far more meaningful example for me to follow in reality, by the gracious enabling of God's holy spirit, in things big and small every day!

Although the song was completed some months after the departure of my dear husband in 2013, I've had many challenges since in getting the music arranged for the singers, then in getting the singers for the recording, etc. It was truly Abba Yahweh's mercy in that He began to open the way at the start of 2017 for various dear brethren to take part in each of the needful areas. It is, therefore, a testimony to the harmonious working of a whole team that this song has, eventually, been recorded for His use. May His Name be honored by our humble contribution in this ministry, and may you find this a refreshing vision as you draw near to Abba Yahweh.

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