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9. June 2004 Onwards: A New and Exciting Ministry

Chapter 9

June 2004 Onwards: A New and Exciting Ministry

After we left Sydney on June 2004, God led me to a new line of ministry. In the beginning, I was leading a team on a Sabbatical mission. As one of my main projects, I was to lead the team on a book by book study of the New Testament. I opted to use a statis­tical approach to conduct my survey of the New Testament.

With advances in information technology, computers can in­stantly perform complex statistical calculations. I did a bit of research looking into the computer-based Bible tools available on the market. Unfortunately, they could not speed up the analysis for a complete book study. As I waited upon God, He gave me a vision of a spreadsheet full of Bible words. It resem­bled a bird’s eye view of the words in the Bible organized in columns by books. I shared this vision with the Sabbatical Team. We were all excited about this God-given vision. Before long, we embarked on developing the software which we named “Eagle’s View”.

In July 2007, we launched the “Eagle’s View” Bible tool which is avail­able for free download. Readers interested in the software can download it from

By God’s grace and armed with the Eagle’s View soft­ware, I plunged into the awesome task of conducting a New Testament book by book survey. Finally, by the end of 2009, I had completed my survey and published the English version of the book called:

An Eagle’s View of the New Testament

The following year, the Chinese edition of the book was completed and published. I feel privileged to be led by God into this new ministry. As He leads, I am still in the process of upgrading the “Eagle’s View” software.

Ever since I left Sydney in June 2004, it seems as if God has been leading me to embark on new ministries which I had never thought of doing. Whenever I am faced with a new challenge, God equips me with grace upon grace and wisdom to accomplish His work. I am in awe of His leading. God has opened my eyes to see that there is still so much work that needs to be done. I plead to Yahweh Father, “Lord, send me!”

Isaiah 64:8 But now, O Lord, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand.

As soon as the book is complete, I know that God will once again lead me to fulfill His ever demanding minis­tries. My response is, “Lord, I am ready! Please continue to make my life a miracle!” God is the potter, I am the clay. May God continue to mold me so that my life may reflect His glory. May all glory and honor be unto Yahweh, the Only True God.

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