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This song was composed when I was contemplating committing my life to Yahweh through baptism. I reflected on Yahweh’s love for me through the years in church, shown to me by the church brethren. It dawned on me that Yahweh had been pursuing me relentlessly. This understanding of the depth of Yahweh’s love for each of us spurred me to commit my life to Him. May Yahweh continue to work in each of our lives that we will experience His love for us and respond to Him by pursuing Him relentlessly too.

Beverly Q.L. Low

Lyrics and music by Beverly Q.L. Low
Music arranged and mixed by Charis Y.H. Wong
Sung by Beverly Q.L. Low
Backing vocalist: Charis Y.H. Wong
Drums by Johnathan Y.H. Goh

© Copyrights Beverly Q.L. Low – All Rights reserved

(c) 2021 Christian Disciples Church