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A sharing by James Ho on how this song came to be composed:

Whether it is John’s metaphor of the vine and the branches (Joh 15:5), or Paul’s metaphor of Christ as the Head of the body, the Church (Col1:18), as Christians our relationship with Christ is inseparable. His whole life and his utter devotion to God are an inspiration to me.

There is one incident that was recorded in all the 4 Gospels and it strikes me as the secret of Jesus’ unwavering devotion to God. That is about the cleansing of the Temple. His action angered the religious establishment. The religious leaders perceived it as a direct challenge to their authority. Finally, they sought to destroy him (Mar 11:18). Jesus knew that his action would very likely cost him his life. What motivated him to risk his life in the cleansing of the Temple?

Joh 2:16 And he said to those who sold doves, “Take these things away! Do not make my Father’s house a house of merchandise!” (17) Then his disciples remembered that it was written, “Zeal for Your house consumes me.” (Taken from OT Psa 69:9)

All through Jesus’ life, his zeal for God and his ministry remains unabated. If I were to imitate Jesus, it is his zeal in serving God even against all adversities. We are living in evil times. Just as Satan deceived Eve, he has been corrupting the church by disguising himself as an angel of light. Many believers were led astray and lost their first love. It is a fulfillment of what Jesus warned about the last days: the love of many will grow cold. I plead to God to set my heart ablaze for the salvation of the lost. The song ‘Set our hearts ablaze’ is to encourage brothers and sisters to imitate our Lord Jesus’ fire and devotion to God and never let our love grow cold.

无论是使徒约翰所引用的比喻‘葡萄树和枝子’(约 15:5),或是保罗所说的 ‘基督是教会全体之首’(歌1:18),作为基督徒,我们与基督的关系是分不开 的。是耶稣基督对神的挚爱和忠诚激励我。

有一个事件记载在每一本福音书。这事件使我启发主耶稣的秘诀,就是他为何能对 神有坚定不移的忠诚 。那就是关于主耶稣清理圣殿。这激怒当时的犹太宗教领首。 也因这事件导致那些宗教领首决心要杀害耶稣 (马可11:18)。明知道会触犯这些 宗教领首,为什么主耶稣仍然要清理圣殿?

约 2:16 他又对卖鸽子的人说:【把东西都搬走,不要把我父亲的圣殿当作市场!】 (17) 他的门徒就想起经上记着说:“我为祢的殿心里焦急,如同火烧。”(出 于旧约诗篇69:9)

在主耶稣的生命中,他对神和所托付的侍奉从不退缩,总是充满火热的心前进。我 渴望效法耶稣,像他一样,面对任何阻难或逆境,都仍然坚持火热的心去服侍神。 我们生活在邪恶的时代,正如撒旦欺骗夏娃一样,他把自己伪装成光明天使,来败 坏教会。许多信徒误入歧途,失去了对主起初的爱。正如主耶稣对末世的警告:许 多人的爱心变为冷淡。我期盼神能点燃我的心去拯救失丧的灵魂。这首歌‘点燃我 们的心’是鼓励弟兄姐妹们去效法基督对神火热的心。

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