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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

Yes that was what I saw in my dear husband’s life as he blessed God every day in all circumstances every day of his life!

He treasured this tune from his youth in China. He recalled part of the lyrics, which so motivated him to fill in the dotted line, as it were, so that he could share this joy-filled song with those around him.

At first I wondered what does it mean for us to bless God? Isn’t it God Who would always bless us? It seems that my concept of blessing was limited to us being humans and are recipients of God’s blessings. Thankfully as I read the Scriptures more later, I realised that, in fact, there are examples of God’s people being exhorted to bless God, such as King David in the Psalms, Nehemiah in chapter 9:5, Deborah in Judges 5:9, Revelation 7:12 to name a few!

It was so encouraging to realise that, in fact, God is pleased if we would bless Him with a humble and deeply worshipful heart. While I am familiar with singing praises to our God, yet somehow the aspect of blessing Him seems to draw my focus more on Him as the object of my worship. Of course there is no real difference in blessing or praising God, just another means to keeping my heart close to Him with an attitude of deep gratitude and unworthiness before Him!

How appropriate it is for us to bless the LORD, especially now that we would soon celebrate the first coming of the Lord Jesus at Christmas. Bless the LORD for His provision in bringing about a reconciliation between Him and us, sinners, through the life, the death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen

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