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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

While in principle I have always believed that God Yahweh is the Almighty Creator Who can do any and everything, but there were times in the past when I was so stuck and felt hopeless that I wondered if there was still a way out for me?

On one desperate occasion decades ago, I knelt by my bed and felt so hopeless that even tears cannot help to relieve me at all. After an hour or so, I happened to lift my head and looked out of the window. To my utter surprise I saw a bright full moon right above in the night sky. Just then the words of John Peterson’s song came to mind at once. His song ‘It Took A Miracle’ declares that it took a miracle for God to hang the stars in place. It then dawned on me that God did not need anything to hang the stars there. He didn’t have to attach the stars to anything whatsoever because He Himself is the sustainer of all creation! With this dynamic reminder, I quickly came to realise that, in fact, there is absolutely nothing impossible for God Yahweh. As this is so, how can there be anything difficult for Him? Given this assurance at heart, I knew that He would deliver me from the situation I was in, but I must focus on Him alone and not be distracted by the outward circumstances and my own feelings anymore!

As I entrusted my problems totally to God, things began to change. He made it possible for me to deal with this hopeless situation so that there came a new beginning with new attitudes and new responses. How amazingly the situation and relationships began to change for the better!

Yes He hang the stars, including the moon in the sky. He provided salvation for mankind on that first Christmas night. Can there be anything too difficult for God Yahweh? Was it not a miracle to hear the Angel saying,”….Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.”? Let us keep to heart that there is nothing too difficult for our God, provided we keep a proper perspective of our needs in the light of Who He is!

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