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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

When I first came across Psalms 59, I realised that this was a psalm which David sang while his house was under surveillance by the men sent from King Saul. Even though David knew that his very life was at stake under such circumstances as can be seen from 59:1-15, he was still determined to cling to his God Yahweh! He even sang praises to God in the morning as Yahweh was his strength and refuge in times of trouble.

As I pondered more on David’s dangerous situation, the more it became a challenge to me because I was also facing some serious troubles at the time. Then as I thought further, it became clear that my troubles were in no comparison with what David had to face! It was then I felt the shame and the lack of thanksgiving to God, my Refuge, in times of trouble.

So with the words in this psalm I was encouraged to focus my eyes on Him and not on my troubles such that I could relate to these with a proper perspective. May the LORD help us with such focus every day so that we would count it a great joy and privilege to be allowed to sing praises to Him even in times of trouble.

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