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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

As I was sent to a Christian school from young, I considered myself to be a Christian when asked by people around me later. The students had to study the Bible as it was one of the text books at school. I never knew that the Bible is God’s word and that I should live by it. So I continued to keep all the problems well hidden in my heart — my complaints, jealousy and hatred — until I was working in the UK. It then dawned on me that these are sins in God’s sight! Then as I began trying hard to get rid of this ugliness, I got more and more hopeless as I shared in my testimony. By the time I was wishing to die again, since I simply couldn’t continue with such struggles, I had to cry out to God in total desperation! By then I was ready to die to my old ways, my old values and the ‘self’. By His gracious mercy, just like a dying patient on a death bed, the ‘death’ of the past ME took place. What a great relief from my burden, and from my hatred towards my father, etc., all because I had a glimpse of my true inner ugliness so I was ready to end it all. Incredibly, that end was the start of a New beginning. The reality of Romans 6:6 and John 8:36 could then begin in my life. What tremendous mercy and gracious dealings from God through the resurrection power of His dear son, the Lord Jesus indeed! A taste of true freedom from sin.

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